Beat Eucharist

Tuesday evenings at Cranmer Hall, St John’s, Durham is the communion service for the college and I created this particular image during a rather unusual service. This image needs some explanation to make sense of it so I’ve put the explanation first.

The Beat Eucharist, developed for Greenbelt, consists of an amazing communion liturgy spoken at full tilt to the background of beat music whilst surrounded by fast moving images projected on walls and screens, in a very informal environment with folk sitting on the floor or standing. It has amazing energy and to begin with I tried to keep up with the responses but soon decided just to let it wash over me.

It seemed to mimic the fast pace of life and created a frantic sense of speed with stuff just flying past and leaving a feeling of being unable to go back and relive it or capture it. After a while the words, poetic words, powerful words, painful words,  words of joy and glory became like a tide, a flood, that rushed at me and God was in the flood. I knew the destination, I knew where we going, I could see it – the bread and wine, the elements symbolic of that saving encounter with the crucified Christ and embodying the heavenly banquet with the risen, ascended and glorified Christ – and it came rushing at me, a tsunami of grace and glory.


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