Coming in Glory

Inspired listening to the scripture and the sermon in a Methodist Preaching service at St John’s. I cannot remember all the text or the sermon but the image started with hill with scattered sheep from Jer 23 and then the ideas came thick and fast as different images popped into my mind. Essentially it was a call to repentance and faithful service as those who will one day be held accountable to Christ when he come in glory. For me the overwhelming sense was that we cannot undo the damage but when Christ comes he will make all things new. I tried to convey, through the use of yellow in the city, a sense that there are those where the glory of Christ already dwells. The dead leafless trees on the bank of the polluted river are in contrast to the trees on the banks of the river that flows from the holy city, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations (rev 22:2 & Ezek 47:12). I also tried to convey the sense of sin as pollution that is dispersed with the coming of Christ.


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