This was another image inspired during a St John’s college communion service which began with the blessing of the college Posada and then moved on into the main service; it felt a bit ‘tacked on’ or ‘shoe horned in’ and yet for me it set the tone for the rest of the service. The service, as many Anglican services are, was shaped as a journey from the approach to God, to confession and repentance, to presenting the scripture and ‘the word’, through to a response in the communion and finally to the sending out. A journey I tried to reflect in the image: mountains in the background, hills and a river  crossed and climbing another but not quite there. The scriptures and the sermon pressed us to recognise our own sinfulness, the need for humility and a merciful and forgiving attitude towards others. The image of includes two people, Mary and Joseph, small in the barren landscape and big sky, making a journey on foot, Mary bearing the unborn Christ child. It is a picture of how we should be as we bear Christ to the world around us, often overlooked, disregarded, with an attitude of humility as we carry about in us Christ, who is changing everything in us and through us.


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