The King is among us

Not one of my better pictures (I really must learn to draw people!).

There is a lot of theology in this image. The text was all about the revelation of Christ as King being among us. The whole service carried this through with many different elements working together. The ‘wrong’ passage of scripture (the Emmaus Road encounter) was read by accident and yet it worked really well and the sermon picked up on this.

For me there was an echo of Jesus appearing to the disciples in the upper room to that moment when he washed their feet. Christ the king came to serve and not to be served. So how is Christ the king revealed in the world today? Answer: through the servant ministry of his people. Hence the figure has all the attributes of glory, carrying the bowl and towel all symbolic of Christ and yet they are dressed in ordinary modern clothing, although the colour is significant; purple top symbolic of royalty – a child of the King, and black bottoms symbolic of sin. The person is any Christian.


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