On Sunday 28th November 2010 I was leading worship and preaching at Trinity Methodist Church, Beeston in the South Leeds Methodist Circuit.

I decided that I needed to bring this creativity into the worship and so I gave the congregation a brief outline story of how I have come to be using art as a means to enable worship, prayer, illustration of the Scriptures and sermons.

I told them how I had come to realise the need for creativity to bridge the gap between the Christian faith, its worship, prayer and scripture and more importantly the Christ to which they all point and the people for whom these are a mystery.

So using the art work based on the last 3 weeks worth of preaching from the lectionary, I reminded them of the journey we have been on, the key points I had found and reflected in the art work.

The Gospel reading for the day, Matt 24:36 -44, puts a challenge to the Church to be ready for the sudden return of Christ and busy about the work of the kingdom. Within the text there are themes of Judgement, Salvation, Discipleship, Holiness, Mission and Eschatology calling us to respond in repentance, commitment and an urgency to respond to the call to missionĀ  and to do so with creativity.

I then asked them what images came to them from the scriptures and the image described by one is the finished image you see above, which I very quickly sketched out with the chalks whilst we sang a hymn.

After the hymn we talked about it and decided that the one turned to the light should have one arm stretched toward the burdened one with their back to the light. “To late to change it now” I said. But I guess that’s part of the point of the text, there will come a time when it will be too late and we had best be attentive to the demands of the Gospel of Christ and the Kingdom of God.


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