Hope reborn


After another service based on the Isaiah 35 passage  and Matthew 11, I thought about how hope begins with a small glimmer and grows from the darkness of despair and grows into the the expectation of salvation.

The story of the Chilean miners trapped thousands of feet beneath the surface of the earth. They waited in darkness for 17 days, first in expectation of rescue but then as the days went by and no one came such despair that none will ever talk about it was all they knew. Maybe a glimmer of hope lived survived but the moment that drill burst through into their subterranean world was the day they knew they would be saved. Hope was reborn. It took some time before they were all standing upon the surface in the bright sunlight upon their faces, so bright they needed sunglasses.

Jesus is coming. So bright will be his advent that no sunglasses will keep out the splendour of his light.


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