Methodist Preaching Service at Wesley Study Centre, Cranmer Hall, St John’s Durham. Preacher: Steve Ingrouille who was speaking on the theme of ‘calling’. The Scripture reading was 1 Corinthians ch1 v18-31. The image began with the words from a worship song which spoke of the God being with us in the storms of life. Again the idea comes to me that God seems to delight in revealing himself through the ordinary, creating the transcendent moment where the things experienced take on a new reality and reveal how close he is. He is not just below the surface but in the surface and the depths of reality we know and that which we have not yet reached.

For me the striking line from the text was ‘foolishness of the cross’. For many people it seems foolish to cling to the cross but what they have not realised is the cross of Christ keeps us afloat on life’s restless sea where storms and tides blow them this way and that as helpless as jellyfish. But Christ has a place to take us, the light of which guides and leads us home. If you haven’t already, why not join this ship of fools. It beats floundering in the sea of confusion.


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