Glory – An End and a Beginning

On Saturday 5th February there was a ‘BibleFresh‘ away-day for three Methodist Circuits in the Hull and York District. Among the activities was a session on Scripture inspired Art, led by myself and a Creative writing session, again based on Scripture, led by Sally (my wife and a minister in the Snaith and Selby Circuit).  The purpose of both these sessions was to encourage folk to engage with the Bible in creative ways.

In the First session, having got everyone going on a piece of artwork based on their favorite passage of scripture, I decided to just create something myself using watercolour paints. With no particular passage of scripture in mind but just a sense of explosive light ripping back the darkness I painted the picture below.

At about the same time Dave Bisenden , a member from Selby Methodist Church, was writing a poem in the creative writing session:

An End and a beginning

Darkness Surrounds,

Pitch blackness, dampened by cloudy skies,

Cold chill

Bones feel death


God deserted.

Father lost, despair of empty heart,

Empty space,

All gone.


Words, empty ears,

Silence echoes in the still air.

Empty, alone.

Armed men, all lost.


Clash of armour,

Silence broken,

A kiss.

Rough hands.


Sudden pain.

All lost, all taken.

Where now.

Death beckons.


Hill top,

Cross against sky.

Cold nails,

Sharp pain.


Darkness comes.

Cry! “It is done”

The End.

The beginning?


Cold tomb.

All lost.

Light comes.

Glory shines.


The Holy Spirit at work?

I think so.


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