10/2/2011  Wesley Study Centre Preaching service. Preacher : Matt Fugill.

Text: 1 C0r 3:1-9

Key lines and words from the worship, Scripture words etc:

Jesus is the Father’ Splendour, risen from the dead, planted seed, watered, God’s field.

The key concept that came though in the sermon was the need for unity and in a sense the reality of the unity that is there already. Finally there was two of my most favorite hymns: “Brother sister let me serve you” &  “Make me a channel of your peace”.  I found that doing the picture became a real act of worship, marking in the cross as we sang “Brother, Sister…”  almost overwhelmed me. I didn’t finish the picture until this evening (11/2) and even then I was reminded of the powerful presence of God for me in that service.

Cheers to Ann who led the worship, to Matt who preached (and very well I might add) and all the wonderful musicians, and of course those who surrounded me and whose singing enveloped me with the presence of God (it does say in the scriptures the God inhabits the praises of his people!)


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