Eyes Open

St Johns College Communion service, 15th Feb 2011. Preacher was Krish Kandiah of the Evangelical Alliance. The Scripture was John 20:19-23.

This image is very disturbing. Its not particularly nice to look at. It is based on the worship, the scriptures and the sermon and I think its impact as an image reflects the impact of the sermon (recorded here).

The image probably needs explaining. The face is made up of two hearts with eyes in them (Open the eyes of our hearts – to see Christ). The Cross and the crown of thorns form the brow and the crown of the head is made up of half the earth. The Mouth is the open tomb (speaks of resurrection) and from which comes Speech and above the head is the Holy Spirit. The sermon was emphasising that the Christian faith is not about Sunday worship, church buildings or nice Christian lives but it is about the Kingdom of God confronting the world with wisdom of God in Christ. Krish was encouraging us to drop the stupid arguments over doctrines that seem to occupy so much of the Church’s time and begin again to speak the message of Christ, with all its political, social, economic, ethical and moral implications for the world we live in today, and to speak it in the power of the Holy Spirit. The sermon reminded me of Gerard Kelly’s poem “The Taming of the Truth” particularly the last few lines:

” We have taken what was given

as a message for the many

and made it

a massage

for the few.”

(taken from his book ‘Spoken Worship‘)

A stark message and a stark image to reflect it. If it jolts you – it should!


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