Children of Light

Methodist Preaching service at Wesley Study Centre, Cranmer hall, St John’s Durham. 31/3/2011

Worship Leader: Rick Ormrod, Preacher: Matt Woodcock. Scripture: Eph 5:8-14

This was a very straight forward message that focused on the call for God’s people to be the Children of Light we are called to be. I had many images that sprang from this sermon and service but I could not settle on one and left the service with a collection of sketches but nothing else.

This Sunday I was asked to help run the technology at a Messy Church service and I took my art stuff with me and during the ‘craft’  bit I settled on an idea for an image and got to it. The image you see is the one I settled on.

The funny thing is that the Bible story used for the service was one the Jesus told about the man throwing a party and sent invites out, all of whom were too busy so the man instructs his servants to go into the highways and byways and compel whoever they find to come, the good and bad. It also seemed to fit with the image.


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