End of term, St John’s College communion. 5/4/2011.

Preacher: Rev David Wilkinson, Worship Leader: Rev Kate Bruce. Scripture: John 15:8-17

A worship song at the beginning of the service set a tone for the service and was significant in the beginnings of the image. Later the scripture came and then the sermon that focused on a key element of the scripture ‘Love one another’ and before the sermon was finished I was shaping the image and completed it before the communion.

The image has a bowl and towel, a feature from the first few lines of the worship song. The water reflects the face of  … well it could be Christ or it could be each one of us. The reflection is like a mirror the tells us we need to reflect upon who it is who holds the bowl. It could be Christ and initially I pictured Christ but it need not be. However it reflects the servant nature of Christ.

The colours are also significant; purple is the royal colour; blue is for blue jeans – ordinary everyday clothing so the mixture of the two is something to think on.

The posture is one of kneeling which speaks of humility, prayer and maybe more.

The surroundings are dark and the brightness of the towel stands out against it and this is symbolic of the mission of the Church.

There maybe more in the image than I can see. What do you see?


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