Isaiah 56 – Inclusion

3/5/2011 Based on Isaiah 56 for the Methodist Handwritten Bible project . Whilst I was in Manchester Cathedral for the Spirit of Life exhibition displaying my artwork and talking to folk about them, and in the odd moments when we were not busy, I started work on this image.

Outside the cathedral were some Christians protesting about the Spirit of Life exhibition because they had been misled by ‘a certain national newspaper’ (and a few local ones) into thinking we were using occult practices, such as tarot cards and Crystals in divination. They were invited to come in and see for themselves that there was no such activity going on and a few did but there were some that stuck to their guns (or rather their placards). The whole purpose of the SoL exhibition was to use imaginative ways of engaging people with the Christian faith.

Anyway in contrast to the narrow views of some religious perspectives, the passage in question encourages an inclusive attitude towards foriegners and eunuchs, not that we see many Eunuchs but our modern day equivelent might be homosexuals.

So I wondered what such an inclusive attitude would look like in the Church today and I think it is one that would invite all to belong, no matter who, with all  their different opinions and yet if it is to be truly an inclusive Church then maybe we need more grace and less antagonism.


2 thoughts on “Isaiah 56 – Inclusion

  1. Hi Tim – Didn’t realise you were at Manchester – I was there helping on the Eden People stand, mainly with prayer ministry. But my husband came home with one of your cards and has found it very helpful. Keep up the good work. Sylvie (Deacon, Leyland)

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