8/6/2011 Cranmer/WSC retreat to the Holy Island Lindisfarne.

Funny sort of day. I had lovely Fish n chips at The Ship Inn, followed by a walk around the island and getting caught in the rain. By the time I got back to the village and some shelter I was already very damp. I walked out to Cuthbert’s Island, a small islet with the outline remains of a small building upon which someone has erected a cross, it is believed that Saint Cuthbert used it for prayer . As I stood there looking about this small island I felt as though God was showing me something. I think he was showing me the example of a great man of God who spent great deal of time in prayer and to which many miracles were attributed. The image is an attempt to capture the sense of prayer that the environment seemed to exude on that small little island.

2 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Wow, Tim!

    Thank you for this image.

    It has struck a chord in the midst of a too busy period. I think I will have to make a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne before too long – even if it is only a virtual one. This image has reminded me how much I need to be alone with God in order to fulfil his calling of me.


  2. God is good. The thin places are the best .. like open heavens sometime. I used to go to school near Lindesfarne – and some very different stories to tell about it. But God is good 🙂

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