12/06/2011, South Milford Methodist Church,

Preacher and worship leader: Sally Coleman.

Theme: Pentecost

Text: Acts 21:21 read as a litany with Genesis 1:1-2 as a refrain

The sermon took the form of a conversation with the Congregation and began with a challenge to our expectations of the Holy Spirit.

Key words: Transformation, presence (of God), guidance

A phrase that came to my mind was ‘finding the heartbeat of God in the rhythm of life’. This is looking for and recognising the possibilities in the ordinary, those moments when we can respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and see the Kingdom of God open before us.

The image attempts to portray this: the idea of the Holy Spirit as the heartbeat of God, creating ripples of influence in the world. The outline of an ECG forms the outline of three crosses and the heart shape has a pulsating appearance.

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