17/06/2011   Wesley Study Centre End of Year Service @ North Road Methodist Church, Durham.

Preacher: Rev Ruth Gee, Text Genesis 28:10-17, Mark 6:47-52

The image took some time to decide on and I left the service with a few ideas but was not sure quite how to bring them together into an image. The main thrust of the sermon seemed to be about encounter with Christ in the world and often in the overlooked, unregarded and unexpected. To those leaving WSC to go into Circuit she urged them to spend time looking for God in the unexpected, to wait patiently for glimpses of Glory, to allow the the presence of God to emerge.

It took a while for the image to settle in my mind and I allowed it that time, for a  glimpse of glory, the window on God’s presence to emerge. For me the significant event within the service occurred as I took communion and especially as I drank from the cup and was flooded with joy that roared through my whole being to the point that I felt I would explode. Something was revealed that I cannot put into words but the image begins to explain it.



One thought on “Encounter

  1. In the image I thought I saw creation renewed by encounter with Jesus. All creation is held within Christ, shown here in his work on the cross. I thought of his blood pouring from him on the cross and spreading to be in everything.


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