This image was not created in a worship service but came about as I reflected on the ordination process. I wondered what change really comes about through the laying on of hands and prayer. I recognise that ordination is about the Church recognising the call of God upon an individual and giving them authority to minister in the name of the Church but what change does it really make? Does God do something in response to the activity of the church and the ordinand? Having not yet experienced ordination I cannot give a personal perspective¬† but I know that for many it is an emotional experience. Although the human experience is not always a sign of God’s activity, I believe that God does responds to the ordination of the ordinand with an anointing for ministry, irrespective of the human emotional experience. The image depicts the anointing of head heart and hands.


3 thoughts on “Marked

  1. it’s a very interesting and dynamic picture Tim

    what I wonder/fret about though is the lack of a similar experience and recognition from the church for those of us who go about ministering God’s love and healing (etc) in the world as non-ordained people, equally responsive to the call of God on our lives. That too involves an anointing of our head, heart and hands by God … but is largely ignored, dismissed by the church (local and national)

  2. You make a good point. I think God anoints all who step out in faith to serve and minister in the name of Christ irrespective of the recognition of the Church. The image is equally relevant to all who are called and anointed to serve in the name of Christ.

  3. Lorna, we hold a commissioning service for lay folk every year, all of our pastoral visitors, stewards, treasurer, organists worship leaders etc are prayed for with laying on of hands. I think it is important, currently planning this for 6th October.

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