Meeting Place

This image began during one of the worship sessions at the Methodist Diaconal Order Student Conference as I thought about the places I meet God and what it is about them that create the ‘thin place’ where the boundary between heaven and earth is ‘as transparent as glass’.

For me such places can be open hillsides, high up with a massive view and no one else around, the open sea, a vast expanse of sky, the still waters of a lake, following a stream, the wind blowing through the grasses in an isolated place far from human civilisation. Funny thing is that it is rarely a ‘place of worship’ in the traditional sense but there are one or two ancient places of prayer that I have encountered that have been ‘special’.

Some folk would insist that God is always present and anywhere can be a place of encounter; I cannot disagree and know this is true for me too but I am left wondering why it is that some places evoke a stronger sense of the presence of God or somehow facilitate the encounter with the Divine. Is it us? Is it the place? Or is it that the presence of God is somehow more potent in some places? Does God choose to be somehow more present in some places? Does it matter? I think all that matters is that we each find that meeting place where we can be alone with God with enough time to linger there.


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