4/09/2011, South Milford Methodist Church

Scriptures: Ezek 33:1-11, Ps119:33-40, Matt 18:15-20, Rom 13:8-14

The idea for the signal flag came from one of the sermon illustrations. The context of the flag is slightly different from the context as used in the sermon and is based on my overall sense of where the Church is, and not just South Mildford. Just in case you are not sure, flag is the international signal flag ‘U’ which means ‘You are standing into danger’

The sense I get it is that many in the church  think that ‘we’ the Church are the good guys because we have good morals and follow God where as all the rest are not good because they do stuff like riots, get drunk, do drugs, steal and do violent things and mess up their marriages and stuff like that. ‘If only ‘they’ would be like us’ seems to be the attitude. Well “news flash” ‘They’ are just like us! And Being a Christian isn’t about trying to maintain the status quo of good old jolly England What!! What!!! Because quite frankly the Kingdom of God is somewhat different and the governance of God is a loooong way away from the mess that we elected, that much should be evident from our newspapers, corrupt as they are.

If God was to hoist the next signal flag I think it would be the ‘X’ flag. In this context is would be a call to repentance and a renewed attention, focus and devotion to God the Holy Spirit.

p.s. Just in case you are not sure, the flag in the picture is the international maritime signal flag ‘U’ which means ‘You are standing into danger’.


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