25/10/2011 St John’s College Communion service

Worship Leader: Calvin Samuel

Preacher: Mark Tanner

Scriptures: Songs of Solomon 3:1-5, 11  and John 2:1-11

Where is Jesus as the wedding in Cana? Jesus is there but all eyes are on the Bride and Groom. Jesus is there but illusive.

Mary pushes Jesus into his ministry knowing that he is ready even though his words could be understood as him saying “I’m not ready yet”

The thrust of the text is about Transformation. There is the hint of the story to come in  this story. The purpose of Christ – to bring ‘new wine’ better than the old.

For me it was the sense that Mary, the mother of Jesus, could see in her son the divine power in human frailty with all that it means, and gave him the shove he needed to begin to exercise his power. It was not just God who gave his son. mary did too.

The brim-full jars of water are transformed into the new wine of the Holy Spirit born Church, bought with the blood of Christ and the jar becomes the chalice of communion. beginning a new era, a new covenant, a new people. But there is so much more and image invokes all kinds of resonances with suffering servant who shared our humanity.


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