27/10/2011 WSC Methodist Preaching service

Worship leader: Stephen Froggatt

Preacher: Rick Ormrod

Scripture: Joshua 3:7-17

The text describes Joshua leading God’s people across the Jordan and into the promised land. Rick drew out from the text the struggle and development of Joshua as a leader, particularly as someone who was trying to follow in the footsteps of a great leader – Moses. How then will the new student ministers grow into the role of leader when stationed as probationary ministers? Rick explored these thoughts through this text.

The image was drawn more by sense than design; just as God was with Joshua and with Jesus (both names mean the same) so is God with those who bear Christ in their being and doing as ministers. God made a way for Joshua, he raised Christ from the dead, he has the power to make a way for those who seek to serve him today.

Rick describes his experience here



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