17/11/2011  Wesley Study Centre Preaching service

Worship Leader: Annabel Graham

Preacher: Helen Johnson

Scripture: Ezek 34:11-16, 20-24

The worship and Prayers contained a lot of references to shepherd and Sheep (we even had little fluffy sheep as prayer icons!) .

Helen presented the scripture as a scenario of the shepherds of Israel having neglected the sheep and are ‘removed’ by God who becomes the shepherd of his people. Helen drew parallels to between the prevailing social conditions of the time Ezekiel was writing to contemporary society and then explored the kind of leadership that the student ministers  will be called to exercise in the not too distant future.

The image is of a shepherd heading out into the storm in a barren land looking for his sheep to bring them home.

I didn’t get round to creating a pastel image because I was really enjoying developing the ‘test’ image using my new graphite sticks (I used an 8B for those interested). I will eventually ( I hope) create a colour Pastel version.


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