The Rending

24/11/2011  Wesley Study Centre Preaching Service

Worship Leader: Tim Frances

Preacher: Anne Coates

Scripture: Isaiah 64:1-11

The opening prayers began with the wonders of creation and the creator God – the depths of the ocean, the stars in space and even the sand on a beach. The scripture and the sermon spoke of the hope of a God who would ‘rend the heavens’.

The image began to form with the cloudy skies parting to reveal a light from heaven, a star of promise, the foretell of the coming King. The beacon off the shore forms the shape of the cross, speaking of the Saviour’s cross.

The coast is a place I love to go, its one of those thin places where it seems the veil between Heaven and Earth can be as transparent as glass, a place where prayer and being still before God come more naturally to me and so all of these ideas collide and out of that collision the image came.


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