Holy Light

29/11/2011  St John’s College Holy Communion Service

Preacher: (I don’t yet know But I’ll find out and update!)

Text: Ps 27 & John 9:1-12

As the worship began and progressed I was draw to visions of creation of stars and planets then as the psalm and the Gospel of reading came into view I had the story of the man born blind being healed and the idea of the Light of Christ coming into the world.

So the image developed as a muddy face with an eye opening – telling the story of the man’s encounter with Jesus. The eye’s pupil being the world, signifying both the creation and the world into which Christ the light of the world came, with sunrise in the eastern sky over the Holy Land, signifying the birth of Christ. Half the eye is in darkness and half in light signifying both the story of the man’s healing but also the story of the Coming of Christ. So the image is a story within a story within a story that flows back and forth from to the others with each one illuminating the others.

May the light of Christ illuminate your inner being and bring you healing.


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