4/12/2011 Methley Methodist Church

Advent 2

Preacher: Rev Rex Owen

Scripture: Isa 40-:1-11, Mk 1:4-8

Notes on sermon

A focus on Justice and repentance. Repentance must come before healing. Preparing the way of the Lord – recognising our part in injustice and repenting, changing our ways.

For me the single biggest injustice is the consumption of earths resources the pollutes the earth and the unjust way that some are robbed of the wealth of their land to feed the greed of the developed nations.

My image tries to convey the idea that the healing of this injustice begins with the cross of Christ bringing healing to those who come to Christ,  a deep healing of the sin-soaked soul, transforming selfishness into generosity and the self-giving love for others exemplified by Jesus.


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