16/01/2012       All Age Worship  at St John’s College, beginning of Term


Worship Leaders: Calvin Samuel & Mark Tanner

In the service we reminded of our Baptism and the Baptism of Jesus.  We explored the association of Water and Fire with Baptism,  begining with an interactive bit of creative candle lighting finger painting flames on to line drawn pictures of candles and then a sermon beginning with a quiz on the number of the uses of water leading into a focus the waters of Baptism.

The image developed out of a number of ideas that came together and for me the most worshipful moment in the art was whilst in the intercessory prayer where folk were asked to kneel if they could and whilst this is happening I am drawing the water cascading around a person kneeling in prayer cradling a flame. The sheer act of putting chalk on the paper became a prayer filled with worship and hope for God’s refreshing living water poured out, cleansing and healing, reviving and renewing. In my mind I could here the worship song ‘Find me in the river’


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