Fruitful Faith

17/1/2012 Tuesday Evening St John’s College communion service : Methodist Covenant service

Presiding: Calvin Samuel

Preaching: Martin Turner (Methodist Central Hall Westminster)

Scripture: Ex 24:3-11, Jer 31:31-34, Rom 12:1-2, Jn 15:1-10

Easy to speak the walk not so easy to walk the talk. To easy to return to our idols – academic learning,  denominational pride, ministry as career, the pride of self.  We cannot keep it without  God. Come Holy Spirit.

Covenant of the heart – healing – love – hope – peace –  the fruit of the Spirit – the fruit of faith transformative faith reshaping the world around us –  a fruitful faith rooted in  the love of God.

The thing that struck me as I was listening to the sermon that whilst we need to be obedient to Christ Jn 15:16 reminds me that it is the desire and the will of Christ in that he has appointed me to bear fruit and this gives me confidence that even my obedience is not completely dependent on me but that Christ by his Spirit works in me to be obedient to his will an purpose. He can achieve in me and through me far more than I could possible imagine because of his mighty power, the same power that raised Christ from the dead. This means that even though I might be so frustrated with myself that I think I can never live a life worthy of God or my calling; Christ’s ability works through my inability and strengthens me so that I can do all things through him. Christ is the one who makes me competent. Praise God for his glorious love, mercy and grace.

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