9/2/2012    Wesley Study Centre, St John’s Durham   Preaching service

Worship leader: Christine Fox

Preacher: Phil Morton

Text: Mark 1:40-45

Phil began his sermon with references to his recent experiences with the street pastors on a Friday night in Newcastle. He used this to illustrate how the Church should be and can be like Christ to the world in touching the untouchables – ministering to the needs of those who, for example, deliberately go out to get as drunk as possible. He then turned the situation around and began to speak of how we, the Church, can be dishonest in our relationship with God, hiding our own sin and sickness of our being, how we need to be healed and set free too, just like the leper.

The image tries to capture the sense of Christ crucified by the love of money and alcohol on the streets under the spot-light glare of a street light and Christ’s nakedness adds to that sense of shame and vulnerability. I began to draw the one kneeling before him to represent the repentant recognising their need for forgiveness and it was as I did this that for the first time in the service I felt I was worshipping God, I became the one I drew.

4 thoughts on “Leper

  1. When I first saw this Tim it was a small image on my phone. I couldn’t see the floating / tiptoe Christ figure, I assumed it was a nightlifer holdeing a bottle of wine and some money and the person kneeling was a Christian being prepared to wash the person’s feet or clear up their vomit. Maybe could be seen in two ways? Good picture though.

  2. Hi Tracey,
    yes I think you are right and it is one of the beautiful things about imagery it enables other ways of seeing the story and certainly your interpretation fits with the sermon Phil preached.

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