8/3/2012  Wesley Study Centre, Durham. Preaching service

Worship Leader: Neil Maynard

Preacher: Herbert Aparanga

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:18-25

Herbert began by speaking of the failure of human wisdom to make use of the knowledge that has been accumulated over centuries, and especially with modern technology, to overcome the injustices in the world. He connected the wisdom of God in Christ that shows the love of God and how when this wisdom is used with knowledge then great things can be done.

As he spoke a memory of a story came to my mind that illustrated Herbert’s point very well. Many years ago a small group of people from my home Church took part in a mission of compassion to one of the eastern European countries where they worked decorating and fitting out a school. One of the men who went told me of his experience of sorting out the wiring in a classroom so that the lighting worked. He said “when I switched on the light the teacher just burst into tears”


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