Outrageous Grace

15/3/2012  Wesley Study Centre, Methodist Preaching service

Worship Leader: Joy Sykes

Preacher: Andrew Hall

Text: Eph 2:1-10

Andrew was not immediately recognisable as he was in disguise; disguised in a dress and a wig! It was not immediately obvious from the start, or the scriptures, how his attire fitted with the sermon. He began to speak of the grace of God in Christ and of how his understanding was stretched during his placement in the summer. He found himself working with a Church outreach programme to the LGBT community and saw first hand the Grace of Christ at work. His dressing as a transvestite was deliberately intended to shock us and challenge our preconceptions, he urged us to rethink our understanding of God’s grace to make room for those we least expect to find embraced by God’s Outrageous Grace.

A poem inspired by the image can be found here: http://sallysjourney.typepad.com/sallys_journey/2012/03/outrageous-grace.html


One thought on “Outrageous Grace

  1. Thank you Tim for capturing the image and phrase of outrageous grace. These words are like an echo in my soul these days.

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