24/4/2012  St John’s college communion service.

Preacher: Helen Thorpe

Worship Leader: Mark Tanner

Scripture: James 1:1-27, Matthew 5:1-16

Central to the image are the two different reflections in the mirror; this is a connection to the James reading (v24) which is a commentary on the open Bible in front of it.

The open window beyond is a reference to the wider world beyond the room. The reflection of the room in the left hand mirror shows a person with empty hands symbolic of the emptiness; the room contains a symbol of the world we live in and the door in the room is shut. The other is the image of Christ whose hands bear the mark of sacrifice, whose head bears the crown of thorns symbolic of the sins of the world; in the background is the crucifixion scene and the resurrection  scene.

There are all kinds of ideas that can flow from this and to some extent the real value of this image is in what the viewer sees of themselves and for themselves. Where does the image take you?


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