Blessed Ones

11/05/2012  Bible Study at MDO COnvocation led by Dr Jocelyn Bryan

Matthew 5:3-12.

Looking at the passage from a psychological perspective.  Thinking back I’m not sure I really understood this Bible Study. If any of the Deacons who were there would like to comment on their take of the Bible study I would be most grateful.

There were some ideas that I have tried to pick up; the trauma of Mary seeing her Son crucified yet all generations will call her ‘blessed’?  How does that work? (I remember that much!)

I do remember thinking, that the wounds of grief that Mary Suffered were her participation in the sacrifice of Christ to rescue and redeem  humanity and in that there is a blessing. Putting this as a concept of blessing alongside the Matt 5:3-12 begins to make sense of what appears to be the counter-intuitive nature of the Beatitudes and begins to connect in with the previous days ideas of how we can be blessed as we give ourselves to bless others. We begin to share in the sufferings of Christ as we too deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Christ, day by day.



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