11/05/2012  Methodist Diaconal Order’s convocation, Concluding worship and act of rededication.

Scripture: Matt 5:3-12

Preacher:  Rev’d Sheryl Anderson

Sheryl helped us reflect together on our journey through convocation with the Beatitudes and drew our attention to two specific aspects of the week:

Convocation always has business of the Methodist Diaconal Order to discuss and this year we were looking at how the MDO reorganises itself to cope with the dramatic cut in its budget and the pressures of training an increasing number of Student Deacons. I found the discussions in our plenary group stimulating, the budget cut bought forth creative ideas that we could see as positive for the growth and impact of the MDO in the Church and beyond.  Our preacher noted that this was a feature of the whole of the MDO.

As part of our activities we had an Army chaplain, Rev Ian Skinner, teach 130+ deacons Drill in the sports hall! In the space of an hour he had us marching in step, turning, about turns and even saluting – eventually! It was more fun than it sounds. But we were moving together. Sheryl noted that this ‘moving together’ is a feature of our life as a religious order.

There is a sense that when we begin to grasp how to live out the beatitudes we begin to move together with Christ.

The image tries to pick up on this idea, not as an army marching but as a dance; Christ with his bride, the Church, in the world, moving under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to the impulse of the Fathers heart beat, perhaps a sense of the perichoresis? Maybe that is our hope.

I called the image ‘Moving as one’ but I think ‘Perichoresis’ is a better name for it.


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