What Kind of Light does God Cast in through the door way of my soul that invites me to step into his Radiance?

What does His light play upon in the recesses of my being? How are the shapes and colours changed by the reflections they create?

Who is Me?

What Do I look like from God’s perspective?

If I am created in His image, though marred and bent out of shape, am I still reflecting His light?

Or do I need to be straightened out before He shines through?

Can a crippled soul still reflect the Glory of God?

Or does the light from the Cross beautify all the brokenness of my being, and its shattered image cast new patterns of redemption upon the fractured planes of my inner being from where the reflected and refracted light of Christ projects upon the surface for the world to see.

Not Perfection.

But the beauty of Grace that creates an open door for all the broken to see themselves reflected , redeemed by love.

Hope is seen. Love perceived. Faith invited. Life redeemed.

Tim Coleman

Feb 2013

A meditation written on a Probationer’s day on Spirituality . We were given 30 minutes to go and ‘reflect’. This was in the Tabor Carmelite retreat centre in Preston. In the room there was this really impressive stained glass window the light from which scattered across the floor and it drew me. So I spent some time reflecting on the window and its beautiful imagery. The meditation above was the result. The picture I created later and is based on the meditation.

below is a photo of the window



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