Shadow Valley

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29/09/2013       St Andrew’s, Stichley, Birmingham

Preacher: Sally Hayden

Texts Ps23

This service was very interesting for a variety of reasons and was a sign of God’s hand upon me.

A small congregation of 7 (including the preacher), a young woman preacher, speaking on the Ps23. The whole service had many points where I felt God pressing upon my heart and mind, encouraging and challenging me. The image was very much connected with the central thrust of the psalm and the sermon, that God is with us in the valley of shadows when we even despair of life. Having been in such a valley I found the message an uplifting and encouraging one.

After the service I spoke with the preacher and we realised that we knew each other, although not very well, from a good few years ago through our common connection to Methodism in west Norfolk. We found that we also had a common experience in depression and spent a while sharing with each other our stories. Clearly I was meant to be there that morning and not just for my own sake.

One thought on “Shadow Valley

  1. You are never alone! God is always tapping on our shoulder! I am soo glad you heard him whisper, you are not alone! Be kind to yourself, begin to see the beauty that lies within you and around you!

    See life more simply… Ceeplicity

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