End or beginning?

end or beginning web


3/10/2013    Queens Foundation service

Mark 15:42-47

I arrived a little early for the service but rather than go back I decided to spend some time in prayer before the service (a little stillness is good for the soul). I found that the service sheets were already out and took one up and looked up the Scripture reading and spent some time thinking and meditating on the text.

I considered what it must have been like to witness the burial of Jesus and wondered what kind of questions, thoughts and feelings the women experienced. What did they think about the words of Jesus now? Did they still hope? Did they think it was all over? Did they wonder ‘What now?’ The days that followed must have been like they were buried with Jesus. A finality, and end and yet the words of Jesus linger. ‘After three days…..’ Could it be true? If it is what will the world look like then? How will life change? But here, at this moment in time, that awful moment of finality descends as the dusk deepens and yet in the evening breeze hope whispers a question ‘Do you believe?’

Sometimes things happen and it seems as the road of our adventure, our hopes and dreams has come to an end and we stand looking at the wreckage of our lives. ‘Where now?’ ‘What now?’ we ask ‘Is there any hope?’  At such times it is worth remembering that the God who created us and loves us has not given up on us and even though we walk as through through the valley of the shadow of death, he is with us and will never leave us. The Apostle Paul wrote that he himself despaired of life and yet he had faith in the God who raises the dead. Sometimes new beginnings, fresh starts come as resurrection moments after the death and burial of the hopes and dreams of our past life. But it is hard to see or hope in such things when faced with the stone cold finality of the death of our hopes and dreams. But the wind of the spirit whispers ‘Do you believe?’


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