And it was good

and it was good - web13/10/2013

Emmanuel Church, Redditich

All age Harvest service

Scripture: Genesis 1

The service included a short play about how the colours, each with its own characteristic, argue with each other about who was the most important, the argument was resolved when they realised that each was equally important and together they formed a rainbow, a sigh of God’s promise. ¬†Technically it didn’t fit with the scripture but it excellently illustrated the importance of recognising the gifts and abilities of each individual and how as a community we can be a sign of God’s promise.

The ‘talk’ (sermon) recognised that the human race needs to take better care of the planet and the need for people to work together for the good of creation.

The image began with the creation story and then I wove into it the rainbow colours as integral to the creation of the earth.

The process of creating the piece became more worship and prayer as I progressed but it wasn’t until I completed it that I realised that was what I was doing.

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