who webSunday 27/10/2013   Emmanuel Church, Redditch

Preacher: Rev Richard Wilde

Text: Psalm 104, Gen 2:4-25, Col 1:15-20

There were a number of idea that formed this image. The first came from the ‘inclusive talk’ (some would call it ‘Children’s talk)  with images of air, water, food all required for sustaining life. The idea of water rising up and forming 4 rivers from Genesis 2 formed some of its shape and then from Colosssians came the figure of Christ as the author of life, combined with some other ideas such as Jesus as the water of life and the bread of life. Finally the idea that the tree of life is becomes the Cross of Christ and is shaped as reaching to heaven as worship and the glory of creation and that forms the elements of the image.



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