Matthew’S Gospel

27/10/2013  Emmanuel Ecumenical Church, Redditch  evening service.

This service turned into a mammoth 3 hour reading of Matthew’s Gospel.  Rather that one image I attempted to draw a number of images as the reading progressed.

It doesn’t cover every story in the Gospel, this was hard to do as the action came thick and fast at times and because there were no announcements of chapter and verse and I had 2 readings as well I needed to to keep track of where we were in the text so I didn’t miss my turns.

metthew 1 web metthew 2 web metthew 3 web metthew 4 web metthew 5 web


It is interesting to look back at the images now and see how sometimes there appears to be a significance in the way the stories are presented in the images. I like the last one which is about the resurrection but it is also a door way which suggests a ‘going out’ to tell the story beyond the book.

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