Let there be Light & Justice and Peace

Let there be light! web

3/11/2013  Emmanuel Ecumenical Church

Rev John Marsh

The service was on the theme of Justice and Peace from the 10th World council of Churches gathered in Busan, South Korea.

The service began with a piece of music “The Creation” by Haydn sung by the choral group which evoked in me a vision that I could feel as well as see, of the spirit gliding over dark waters and then the sunlight burst on the horizon that dispersed the darkness before it as a wave rolling across the waters. The pencil sketch captures this initial image.

But then as the service unfolded on the theme of  Justice and Peace I perceived a another image of the dove of peace, as a symbol of the the Holy Spirit, flying over the waters of confusion and violence and the light of the Gospel of peace breaking out as a wave of light scattering the darkness of hatred and injustice.

Justice and Peace webAnd the two are one.

The act of peace-making, of reconciliation is an act of re-creation, of re-making humankind in the likeness of God.

God of life lead us into justice and peace.


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