Retreats and Quite Days

Recently I have had the opportunity of a quite Day (Under 5s) and a guided retreat (MDO area group) and I have taken art materials along with the view that they may help. The result has been 4 different images (3 from the quite day and one from the retreat) and a bit of poetry.

The first three are from the quite Day

still waters - web

Still Waters

Cross refletion - web

Cross reflection

competance - web


I thought about how knife-edge it can feel be to operate on the boundaries of your comfort competence (what you know you can do) and trust that the Holy Spirit can enable competence where you are beyond your experience.

The last image is from the MDO Area Group retreat

We are Deacon - web

We are Deacon

This image started of as prayer bubbles of thankfulness in paint (play) and developed into relationships of Deacons, MDO, Methodist Church, Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit.

I wrote some Haiku to go with it (which I did as I went along) as this was something suggested as an option in exploring the issues of gratitude, Promises and Living truthfully in the context of the shared life of the Methodist Diaconal Order. My first attempts at Haiku.

I tried to think of gratitude in terms of rhythm of change as an antidote to grumbling. My initial thought was the natural rhythm of a boat and how a crew needs to develop a sympathetic movement to enhance the speed or risk slowing the boat down by trying to force the pace of maneuvers.

She has her rhythm

You cannot force change on her

You can move her flow

This then developed

To Move in God time

to measure the pace of life

is to be in peace

In terms of promises I thought about the importance of being at one with each other, committed to the relationship. These two poems try to cover this sense of interdependent commitment. I really like the first one. It conjurers up the image of a rope.

We Strands together

Take up the strain together

and hold together

and the second of the two

Others me complete

Others together complete

Others I complete

and finally on Living truthfully three more

Open Book I seek

Open Book I am not yet

Opening Book


Some Pages I share

Some pages I keep hidden

Some pages despair!


Christ rewrites each page

with mercy, grace and forgiveness

Jesus saves each page


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