This blog is a journal of sorts, tracking the development of the artwork I create as part of, or in response to my experience of worship, prayer, spiritual experience and theological reflection.

I used to consider art as something I did when I had time to dig out the pencils and pastels and create something for fun. What I have discovered is that when I begin to use it to express worship, prayer and as a way to reflecting on scripture and that sort of stuff, it really helps and energises me. Also others seem to get something from it too and that’s another reason for blogging it.

So I plan to keep doing it, no matter how rubbish the creations are, because it opens up a way for me to express my faith and spiritual journey. Plus if I do it more it might get better. Or it might not but that is not the point.

My name is Tim Coleman, I am a probationer Deacon without appointment with leave to study, based at The Queens Foundation College in Birmingham where I am studying for an MA in transformative practice and serving on placement the Bromsgrove and Redditch circuit. I am also a worker for Unlock, an organisation that seeks to engage those of a ‘non book’ culture with the transformative power of the Holy Scriptures we call ‘The Bible’.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Well done Tim, this is great, I look forward to reading and seeing other stuff you do. I love to draw but haven’t your confidence or ability. Hope that you are enjoying the studies, there is life after college, and being a deacon is better than talking about it.!
    God bless and have a great Christmas – Denise (currently a deacon in South Wales)

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