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Catshill Methodist Church, 9/3/2014
Preacher: Trevor Lockwood
This image is based on Matt 4:1-11.

Be Still




St Andrew’s Church, Church Hill, Redditch

This mornings service was a Local arrangement. The service was based around Psalm 46:1-11. The congregation split into four groups to design elements of Prayer, music, illustration and Word based on the psalm and came together with an extended communion to create a service. It was one of the best services I have participated in for a while. I sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit quite powerfully in so many ways. The image above was a collaborative work with myself creating the inner scene which draws on imagery of the recent gales that have lashed the southwest coast that resonate with the text. The outer images were selected by Jean to illustrate the elements of water as both restful and powerful indicative of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


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I cannot remember anything about the service. I do remember elements of worship songs, psalms and readings but no specific details; and I remember that my friend and fellow student Adam spoke powerfully of his conversion and the impact of a homeless man on his life. I don’t know that he would relate the image to his experience but it was just the combinations of things  through which I could see some resonances between the God of grace who heals the broken and parched earth through his self giving love and my self as that earth and as part of the sharing in that giving. A curious thing is spirituality; the seeing of how things are that cannot be otherwise seen.