Sunday 7th Oct 2012 at Waterloo Rd Methodist Church

This was a very different service from normal. The week preceding I had been to the National Estates Churches Network where Bishop Laurie Green led a Bible study on Lamentations and had us create our own lamentation. It was inspirational. I wondered if the process of helping Churches re-align themselves might include lamenting the losses and changes they have experienced before they can move on. As I explored the idea I came to the conclusion that there needs to be a prophetic word to help the church respond and so I constructed a three part sermon that attempted to construct the process, which to be fair needs a lot more than one Sunday service, but at least I could draw the map for them and that’s what I attempted to do.

Part 1: The Waterloo Rd Lament: 

Part 2: The Prophet speaks:

A poem by Jude Simpson read prior to part 3

Part 3: the Exhortation

The Waterloo rd Lament

We have lost the children
We have lost the love for one another
We have become selfish
We have become to reliant on our technology
We have forgotten how to pray
No one comes to worship
Our greed overtakes us
No one respects the Sabbath
But our hope is in the God of love who never abandons us
Why then do you not teach the children?
Why are people turning away from your Church?
But we are here because we have an expectation that God, you will do something.



Sunday 23rd September 2012. Preaching at Highfield Methodist Church, Blackpool. this one comes in two parts because of the length.

Part 1 

Part 2 


Sunday 2nd Sept 2012, first preach as Deacon in Blackpool Methodist circuit, North Shore church.

The Image is from a service later in the day that seemed to have a suitable theme.


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